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Where does it come from?

In an effort to stay true to our love of local, we are proud to announce our partnership with Happy Mug, a local coffee supplier!

By partnering with Happy Mug, we are able to offer responsible coffee from around the world. We are a able to support another awesome local company & we are able to offer you, our customers the freshest coffee we can by ordering weekly and bi-weekly!

Happy Mug's Mission is to, "buy and sell only organically grown coffee, bought at fair prices to the farmers who grow it. We do not support farms that mistreat their workers or mistreat the earth. We support our local community, use American made equipment, and strive to operate as “green” as possible. Helping others is the key to happiness, and that’s the bottom line in every aspect of our company."

Happy Mug's coffee is delicious and they are a great company to partner with! We have been testing them out this summer and we know that they will make your mug happy!

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